Link from Skyward Sword pic(25th aniversary)

Link Riding on a bird in the Land of Skyloft.

The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword is the next Zelda Wii game that is coming out Holiday 2011. The story begins in the Land of Skyloft. This game is also known to be the first story in the timeline of zelda games. You play as Link and you see Zelda in the game also. But shes not a princess though because there are no Kings and Queens yet. In the demo you have to get this item by flying on a bird so basically its a contest. Once you get it you go to Zelda and she flies with you in the sky. Then all of the sudden she gets taken away by a big creature(looks like a whale). Then Link meets this person after he wakes up and this person helpes him on his Journeys. That is how the story begins supposively by the e3 2011 trailer.
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